Our Products

Rice Noodles

Our signature, and our most popular item. We’ve perfected the flavor to be perfectly balanced and complementary with any ingredient, and further refined the texture with a bounciness and chew to leave you wanting more. With a vast variety of noodle thickness, there will definitely be a perfect noodle for you.

Rolled Rice Cakes

Perhaps you aren’t looking for a simple addition to a wonderful dish? These scrumptious rice cakes can be used as a component or even eaten by themselves. We mix a healthy and secret blend of ingredients to make our rolled rice cake excel at anything they set out to do — no matter if it is a component or the star dish.

Rice Paper

Rice Wrapping, Rice Paper, 떣쌈, whatever you call it — when it comes to this simple sheet of white, names transcend its versatility in wrapping all sorts of things. Whether you favor it for its use in KBBQ or for its added texture for wraps, its mantra of rice-without-rice will have you craving for more.