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Opening Position:

Business/Logistic Operation Specialist

General Description

  • Review operation to develop and implement systems for Asian rice noodle manufacturer
  • - obtain information from purchasers and production crew to understand the sources, types, cycles of availability, costs and qualify of various materials used in the production of Asian rice noodles, and implement a merchandising system for procurement of materials from local and international suppliers to maximize quality and profit;
    - obtain information from sales team to understand the level of buying desirability for each types of products and implement systems and schedules for production and for inventories upkeep at various seasons and quantities;
  • Understand financial records and operation data to implement systems for coordination of production, resources allocations, marketing and sale;
  • Analyze all operation components (supply, shipment, billing, production shifts, manpower, etc) to identify operation problems, to develop procedures and to recommend changes.

  • Requirment:

  • Bachelor of science degree in business administration;
  • Knowledge in business finance and accounting, in business strategic management, in business statistics, in information systems and in quantitative analysis (acquired either through class work or internship);
  • Familiar with food international requirement (acquired either through class work or internship or setting).

  • Salary: $70,262/year

    To apply, please email your resume to